Restoration of Sudan Doctors Union

Our union joined the main Sudan Doctors Union (SDU) in the mid-1980s and has since functioned as its legitimate branch and representative body in the UK & Ireland. This direct relationship is reflected in the official name of our union; Sudan Doctors Union – UK Branch (SDU-UK).

Following the infamous military coup in Sudan in 1989 and the subsequent unlawful dissolution of all professional trade unions by the coup authority, our UK branch continued to serve in place of the main Sudan Doctors Union. We strongly rejected the trade unions’ deactivation decisions and adopted all the aims and objectives stated in the constitution of the SDU. Thorough the 1990s and beyond the SDU-UK took upon itself the responsibility of representing the SDU in regional and international events and continued to publish its activities and statements in Al-Hikma Magazine.

Furthermore, we pledged to earnestly work towards the restoration of the legitimate union in Sudan and we were involved in several attempts over the last three decades -in cooperation with our colleagues in Sudan- to achieve this crucial goal. One of the pivotal attempts was the movement we led in 2006, following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement,
which brought about constructive and robust steps in that respect.

Today, our firm endeavours persist in the direction of realising this long-awaited goal, and through collaborative efforts with colleagues in Sudan and abroad we inaugurated the Unified Media Platform for the Restoration of Sudan Doctors Union. This joint platform achieved great milestones and created a transparent environment supporting the re-establishment of the SDU branches and committees in the various states of Sudan through the dissemination of general assembly announcements and democratically electing representatives.

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