Health Programmes

Our union has a well-established role in leading vital projects that aim to improve the healthcare system in Sudan and address health disasters. Our work began in 1987 through the Sudan Medical Aid Organisation, which remained active for more than ten years and made tremendous contributions to the relief campaign for the 1988 Sudan floods and succeeded in sending medical equipment to the Radiation and Isotopes Centre in Khartoum.

In recent years, we have sought to cover the shortfall in oxygen supplies in Sudan during the COVID-19 pandemic. We carried out several projects, including supplying the Ministry of Health with 400 oxygen cylinders, financing an oxygen generation plant in Al-Gadarif, and purchasing advanced medical equipment for Neyala Hospital.


For further information about these activities, visit our health services development subsection or contact us at:


Sudan International Health Aid (SIHA)

To expand its health-promoting activities, the SDU-UK looks forward to the inauguration of its new charity arm, Sudan International Health Aid (SIHA), in the near future.


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