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Dr Babikir Abdelhamid Prize For Junior Doctors

This is a memorial prize to honour the bravery and great sacrifice made by Dr Babikir Abdelhamid.

Dr Babikir Abdelhamid, a junior doctor at Ahmed Gasim Hospital in Khartoum-Bahri, was shot dead on 17/1/2019. Although the specific circumstances around his death remain unclear, reportedly he was killed while imploring the former regime security forces to retreat from the house where injured protesters were being treated in the neighbourhood of Burri, Khartoum.

He became the first doctor to be killed in the December 2018 revolution and his death was a turning point in the uprising as it brought about the attention and condemnation of international media. Locally the demonstrations and protests intensified.

Following his death, the first attempt of a mass sit-in was undertaken as hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Royal Care Hospital where Dr Abdelhamid was transferred and later died.

The winner for the 2021 prize

Dr. Mahamed Kamal Elbashir Mustafa


We will announce the new dates for the submissions for the prize here on this page soon ..


Dr Ali Fadul Memorial Session



Dr Ali Fadul was an active of the Sudan Doctors Union. He was working at the Sudan Ministry of Health when he was arrested by the security forces of the National Islamic Front regime and held in a secret detention centre in Khartoum. He later died in custody on 21 April 1990 with reports indicating that he was tortured to death.

Our union has constantly pursued his case, demanding that those involved in his killing be held accountable. In December 2021, we held a symposium at our annual general meeting to commemorate Dr Ali Fadl and his struggle for freedom and democracy.

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