Speciality Societies


Our Academic Office works closely with and assists the speciality societies and groups of Sudanese doctors in the UK.

We also invite the speciality groups to our annual conferences to present their activities and discuss ways to facilitate the implementation of their action plans by linking groups with one another to find a common formula for uniting efforts.

To this end, we established BSAMS as a joint academic platform more than ten years ago (see below).


You can visit the websites of some of the active speciality societies at:


– British Sudanese Association of Paediatrics and Child Health (BSAPCH)


– Sudanese British Primary Care Association (SBPCA)


British Sudanese Academy of Medical Specialties (BSAMS) 2010-2018

In 2010, the SDU-UK launched BSAMS (British–Sudanese Academy of Medical Specialities). BSAMS served as the body bringing together Sudanese doctors’ specialist groups in the UK and aimed to organise and streamline all efforts to help medical education in Sudan.

Recently, BSAMS was deactivated as the many speciality groups expanded further to create their own entities in the form of separate societies.


In 2015, BSAMS represented the following speciality groups:
  1. Public Health Group (PHG)
  2. Sudanese Association of Physicians and General Practitioners (SAPGP)
  3. Sudanese Association of Surgeons (SAS)
  4. Sudan Liaison Group (SLG-RCOG)
  5. Sudanese Association of Paediatrics and Child Health (SAPCH)
  6. Sudanese Psychiatrists Association (SPA)
  7. Sudanese Pathology Group (SPG)
  8. Association of Radiologists (AoR)
  9. Emergency Medicine Group (EMG)
  10. Association of Anaesthetists and Intensivists (AAI)
  11. Sudanese HIV/AIDS Working Group (SHAWG)
  12. Office for Research and Development


To learn more about BSAMS, you can read the archived BSAMS Newsletters:

– BSAMS Newsletter 2011

BSAMS 2011

– BSAMS Newsletter 2015


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