SDU-UK Sends Medical Support for the Clinic at Ashkit Border Crossing (North Sudan)

In light of the displacement of large numbers of Sudanese people via the northern crossings due to the armed conflict, Sudan Doctors Union-UK Branch (SDU-UK), in coordination with the Preliminary Committee of Northern State Doctors, organised and funded a medical mission to support the clinic at Ashkit border (eastern) crossing, which included the following:
– Medications according to the need of the clinic
– Medical supplies and consumables
– Mobile laboratory
– Additional medical staff for support
Together with our medical colleagues and local authorities in Sudan, we continue our efforts to mitigate the catastrophic situation of the healthcare system in Sudan which remains at imminent risk of collapse as a result of the ongoing war. The SDU-UK remains committed to providing medical aid to the injured victims and those affected by displacement and migration.
SDU-UK Media Office
12 May 2023

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