SDU-UK provides medical support for Argeen Crossing clinic in Sudan

In our continuous endeavours to uplift the health services at the northern crossings in Sudan, we supplied the medical clinic at Argeen border crossing with essential medicines, cleaning equipment and fire extinguishers. These supplies were dispatched and delivered to the clinic in two batches over the past week. We also sent a medical doctor and a nurse to provide additional support to the existing medical team in the clinic.

Argeen clinic has been under enormous pressure lately due to the congestion resulting from the significant delays in the exit/entry clearance procedures at the border. The number of medical cases being treated at the facility currently exceeds 70 per day, and unfortunately, deaths have been recorded among the stranded migrants.

The SDU-UK appeals to all to donate generously to our campaign supporting the health situation in the Northern State.

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SDU-UK Media Office

3 June 2023

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